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Influenced by some of the greatest photographers of her time, such as Helmut Newton and Mario Testino, Valentina Eade is a portraitist and fine art photographer, and a graduate of the Spéos Institute of Photography in Paris (2011).  Art is nothing new to Valentina.  Growing up in the Far East of Russia, from the age of 9 through 14, she studied art and earned a diploma in Painting, Drawing, Composition and Art History from the Children’s Art School, before going on to a higher education in Philology at the Amur State University, where she graduated in 2009.

Since 2008, Valentina has traveled Europe, Central and North America, Asia and North Africa, broadening her sphere as a photographic artist.  


Even though Valentina is a portraitist and fine art photographer, she finds beauty and art in nature and is compelled to captivate that on camera.  That is what motivated her for the most recent project to date - “Bee Cause I Care,” an environmental project that emphasizes and educates the public as to the number one threat to our world environment today – the disappearance of the bees.  She is also the photographer for the non-fiction book, “Bless the Bees: The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What You Can Do to Stop It,” and the children’s version, “A, Bee, See: Who are Our Pollinators and Why are they in Trouble.”

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